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Bravery is Choosing Yourself Over Fear

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bravery is choosing yourself over fear

He was coming for me. He somehow found out I had gotten away. Physically stronger and with more financial resources to come after me, he was determined to make me see that life with him was the only way for me to survive.

I was running for my life. Not literally. I was on some sort of motorbike. I had power, but it was not equal to what was coming up behind me. I was on the run and just had to create enough space between us for me to disappear from his realm. I would have to be smarter. And I was.

I woke up from the nightmare breathing heavy. The day before I had made the most remarkable steps forward in my mission. For years, I had not taken action, but it wasn’t out of fear. At least, not consciously. I had experienced some sort of significant shift in consciousness and everything clicked. I finished my website. I set up a new Instagram account. I created multiple social media assets. I set myself up for massive forward movement and I felt super-confident.

I still do.

Because I’m choosing myself over fear. I am choosing to finally tell my story so that it can leave my physical body and be of use to someone else out there. You might wonder what I need to be brave about. Here’s some thoughts:

  • Trolls

Well, that’s about it, I think. Fear of having to defend myself, but who cares? I’m just going to share my experience, which cannot be wrong. And the reason I am sharing my experience is to help shorten the recovery timeline for other women stuck in a similar journey. Any time we support feminine energies, we’re bound to get clapback from the trolls. They hate change. They hate the idea of balancing power.

Choosing myself over fear IS brave. I choose to release this gawd-awful story that has been living in me for 20 years – more, if you include the childhood trauma. It’s important to tell our stories. I am not going to allow a dream – a pretty bad dream, mind you – to stop me from continuing to move forward. Besides, for years, I’ve understood that dreams are where we process our day. That’s all. It’s not a sign to not continue and the fears I felt in the nightmare are not real and not mine.

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