Courage is a Muscle

courage is a muscle

your courage is stronger than any fear

I was afraid for my life. I felt so frozen, so afraid of living as a single mom with three kids while in the middle of nursing school with mounting financial debt, that I stayed. It wasn’t a great place to stay and I finally made the changes I needed to make.

I started by making small, courageous changes. Half the battle is recognizing when you are being courageous and celebrating yourself for your accomplishment. Tiny courageous step after step, strength is built.

I look back on it all now, some 20 years later, and, without being boastful, recognize the huge changes I’ve made in my life. Never, ever easy, I’ve come to a place of acceptance that the life I wanted – or thought I wanted – was not ever going to be the life that was in front of me. Once I stopped resisting so much, my suffering started to ease. My life is not easy but there are pockets of ease within it.

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